Zircon Sand Making Machine

Zircon sand making machine in order to first-class quality, advanced technology, intimate after-sales service. Zircon sand making machine has small occupied area, high economic returns of investment, good quality of the finished sand, powder output rate is low and a lot of characteristics, widely used in all kinds of metallic and nonmetallic ore, cement, refractories, abrasives, glass raw materials, construction aggregate, machine-made sand, metallurgy and other industries.

Zircon Sand Making Machine

Zircon Sand Making Machine structure

Zircon sand making machine by the base assembly, spindle assembly, rotor assembly, drive motor, a frame assembly, hydraulic top up rotary device, a pedal bracket, electrical system and lubrication systems.

Zircon Sand Making Machine performance characteristic

  1. optimize the design to reduce production costs

    Combined polishing head design, only needs to replace the damaged expected to throw the first, can reduce the cost by more than 30%; week shield local wear can be up and down a U-turn, improve material utilization rate of 48%; diamond impact block, avoid vertical plate material impact abrasion damage.

  2. greater pass rate greater production

    Optimized design of deep cavity type rotor, so that the material through the amount of about 30%; the best outlet, a more smooth curve design, reduce the flow resistance of materials, greatly improve the material's ability to increase production capacity.

  3. easy to operate, safe and reliable

    Dual-purpose powder tray to achieve two feed ways -- the center of the whole feed and center feed with annular waterfalls fall feed fast conversion; selection class F insulation, IP54 / 55 protection of high efficiency, low noise, high protection grade motor, a thorough environmental protection.

  4. special sealing maintenance convenience

    The lower end of the main shaft is special sealing structure, to ensure that no seal is not leaking, reduce fuel consumption; Japanese original hydraulic cover opening device, convenient mobile cover, replacement parts within the body repair saving time and labor.

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