Limestone Powder Machine Rate

Limestone powder machine absorb advanced mechanical manufacturing technology, after years of testing and improvement of a model milling processing equipment, is the crystallization of advanced technology and guide the world limestone powder machine rate trend. Mainly applicable to the processing of Mohs hardness of < 9 level non flammable and explosive brittle materials.

Limestone Powder Machine Characteristics

  1. the investment cost is low, the recovery period is short.
  2. fineness of 325 mesh -2500 mesh can be adjusted in any final fineness can reach D97, one time less than or equal to 5 mu m.
  3. grinding cavity without rolling bearing and screw, running safety and reliability.
  4. pulse dust collector, isolation dust pollution; muffler and silencing room, reduce noise pollution.
  5. the same degree of fineness and power consumption, the rate of high powder, low energy consumption.
  6. wearing parts of high quality wear resistant materials, long life.

Limestone powder machine rate

Limestone powder machine rate, the host motor through the speed reducer drives the spindle and each layer of the turntable rotating turntable through the column pin drive dozens of ring and the grinding ring roll in rolling and rotation. Bulk materials by the crusher broken into small particles by hoist into the storage bin, electromagnetic vibration feeder material evenly sent to the middle part of the turntable, material under the action of centrifugal force scattered to the circumference, and fall into the grinding ring rolling within the Tao is ring and stamping, rolling, grinding and crushing.

Limestone powder machine rate

The material is crushed by the first layer to fall into the second layer and the three layer, the suction effect of the high pressure centrifugal fan will be outside the air suction machine, and after third layers of crushed coarse powder into the powder selection machine. Select powder machine rotating turbine coarse particles down for heavy grinding, fine powder is with the air enters the cyclone powder collector and by the lower part of the relief valve discharge is finished, and a small quantity of fine dust airflow is after the pulse dust collector is used to purify by blower and muffler discharge.

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