Germany Stone Crusher Machine

Germany stone crusher machine is the perfect combination of modern technology and production practice, more in line with the requirements of the vast number of customers automated production, is currently the world's most popular broken equipment. Germany stone crusher machine is suitable for crushing compressive strength is not more than 280Mpa of ore and rock, slag in metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractories, ceramics etc. in the industrial sector in the crushing and fine crushing.

Germany Stone Crusher Machine

Germany stone crusher machine is the world's leading rock and mineral crushing equipment, on behalf of the world's most advanced crushing technology and manufacturing level of the new type of crusher. Aiming at the difficult to crushing of hard, strong corrosive materials effect is a plus, granite, marble, basalt, limestone, quartz stone, gravel, iron ore, copper ore, and so on ore not to mention. Integral cast steel structure, V type design, hydraulic oil station, wedge adjustment to make the German crusher unparalleled.

Germany stone crusher machine features

  1. stable and reliable structure

    The overall structure of the bearing seat of cast steel structure, improve the stability of the structure. Forging billet machining of heavy eccentric shaft, so that it has extraordinary reliability.

  2. V type structure tooth shape guard board

    The "V" type crushing cavity increases the broken area and realizes the unification of theory and practice.

  3. hydraulic control of the cavity is convenient

    Hydraulic oil station, oil supply more convenient. Hydraulic cavity cleaning system can quickly clean up the broken cavity, greatly reducing the downtime.

  4. the wedge device to adjust quickly

    Wedge block discharge port adjustment system with hydraulic system to achieve automation, simple, safe, fast.

Germany stone crusher machine structure

The Germany stone crusher machine mainly has the frame part, the eccentric shaft rotation part, the broken cavity working part, the insurance device, the discharging port adjustment device.

  1. the frame part is composed by the side panel and front box assembly, box welding etc..
  2. eccentric shaft rotation part: by moving jaw, eccentric shaft, bearing, bearing seat, pulley and other components, is the main part of the transmission power.
  3. broken cavity work part: by the fixed jaw plate, the moving jaw plate, the side lining plate, the guard board and so on, is the work part of the broken material.
  4. insurance device: by the elbow plate, elbow plate seat, spring, spring rod and other components.
  5. discharging port adjustment device: by the adjustment of fixed inclined block, adjust the sliding inclined block, the top screw bolt, slider lock rod and so on.

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