Fluorite Mineral Process Plant

With the rapid development of China's economy, the control of scarce resources in China is gradually increasing, while fluorite mineral is a kind of national strategic resource. As the main source of fluorine the reserve production ratio continued to decline, in recent years due to the waste of the situation is more serious increasingly scarce, the application of fluoride is very extensive, fluorite mineral application value more and higher.

China to increase the integration of fluorite resources and conservation efforts, the future of fluorite resources will likely be a number of large enterprises with the scale and technological advantages of integration. Before dispersing, disordered mining resources development gradually to large enterprises of mineral resources integration, the configuration of large equipment, professional models as a focus on the integration of, improve the efficiency of the development of mineral resources, but also can improve the safety performance of the process of the exploitation of mineral resources in the.

The device capacity in fluorite mineral process plant enterprises in our country is relatively small, does not have the scale advantages, and domestic of fluorite in the over exploitation caused serious waste of resources, resource utilization rate is not high, our country in the field of fluorite is the inherent requirement of the integration of resources. The fluorite resources in our country most are concentrated in the hands of private enterprises, because the domestic fluorite export order is not standard, our country although in 1999 began the fluorspar export quota system, but every year fluorite exports. Therefore, in order to effectively control the export of fluorite resources, the future of fluorite resources in China will be the trend of integration of large enterprises.

Fluorite mineral process plant also gradually large, environmental protection, and intelligent. Therefore, SBM mill study group, through the analysis of fluorite, limestone, marble, and other material hardness, fineness, of overpressure trapezium mill technology upgrade, host, reducer with elastic sleeve column pin coupling and avoids the previous nylon pin easily broken now like, improves the reliability of equipment; analysis machine adopts high leaf density and frequency control can improve the selecting powder fineness and yield; the bypass powder collector, bypass powder collector with dust separation chamber containing dust more gas through the bypass into the lower part of the cyclone to reduce dust by the opportunity to vent to escape. Compared with general powder collector, bypass set powder for the pressure loss is small, high efficiency, especially for collecting the general set powder is difficult to collect fine particles, with the efficacy of environmental protection; fluorite milling machine as a whole the layout with the resistance to avoid two powder collector different output, improve powder is a powder collecting efficiency, reduce the circulation and improve the yield of the flour mill.

SBM has 20 years of experience in fluorite mineral process plant, with the vast number of customer resources, equipment put into use by the majority of customers praise. Fluorite mineral process plant for chemical, rubber, ceramics, construction, building materials and other fields, by strengthening the superfine grinding machine processing of superfine fluorite powder use more widely, is widely used in high-tech industries, such as military cable, fiber spread, and high precision of the smelting industry.

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