Black Limestone Crusher Machine

Black limestone crusher machine can be directly to the size of 600-1200 mm of the material one-time broken to 25 mm or less. Black limestone crusher machine for crushing limestone materials on the compressive strength less than 200 MPa and calcium content higher than 40%.

Black Limestone Crusher Machine

Black limestone crusher machine is mainly by rotor, bearings, grate, impact bearing plate, a casing and a driving part and other parts composition. Limestone crusher mainly by crusher plate hammer in the upper chamber of the ore to a strong blow, the impact of the impact of the ore and the impact of the lining of the ore to make the ore broken. Ore by heavy feeding device for feeding crusher feeding port, fall into by narrow V-belt drive of two high-speed opposite rotation between the rotor in the crushing cavity by the hammer striking is preliminary broken.

Initial crushing material in down during exercise in the rotor and bearing strike plate has been further broken again and bearing impact plate shunt, respectively, into two mutually symmetrical to the discharge region. By the end of the grate and a rotor formed under the crushing cavity were eventually break until the particle size less than sew grate size is discharged from the lower part of the machine cavity.

Black limestone crusher machine is mainly by impact crushing material. Material enters the crusher, subjected to the impact of high-speed rotary hammer and broken, broken material, from the hammer gains kinetic energy, from high speed toward the frame body plate material, at the same time mutual impact, had been repeatedly broken, thereby obtaining the desired product.

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