Basalt Artificial Stone Crusher

Basalt is to repair the highway, railway, airport runway with stone in the best material, basalt stone has wear-resisting, eat less water, electric performance is poor, compression and strong, crushing value low, strong corrosion resistance, adhesiveness of asphalt and other advantages, and is internationally recognized, is the best foundation for development of Railway transportation and highway transportation, so a lot of investment in highway construction, railway construction of customers in the project to the production line to choose, choose suitable for their own processing material production line.

Basalt Artificial Stone Crusher

Basalt Artificial Stone Crusher plant

The basalt is hard and tough, and the material with high silicon content is difficult to be broken in the actual crushing operation, and the material with high cost is broken. Therefore, the crushing process of basalt must be designed reasonably, and the production cost of the production line must be considered while considering the investment cost of the broken project. The raw material is basalt crushing operation, jaw plate, plate hammer, back plate and other wear-resistant parts of the loss is very high. Therefore, the design of the crushing process, as far as possible the use of lamination principle of crushing equipment, in order to reduce the loss of wear parts. The typical laminated device configuration is two stage crusher and crusher and cone crusher the configuration process.

If the customer for the final stone tablets have higher requirements, you can configure a counter break for an integer broken, so that the formation of the three section of the broken process. Three fragmentation will inevitably lead to higher investment cost of the project, but for the long-term operation of the stone factory, the three section of the production costs of the reduction is very substantial. Such as basalt difficult broken stone materials, can also be used in cracking two broken back breaking technology. However, this will inevitably lead to the impact of breaking the board hammer loss is very high, the plate hammer life is short, the higher the proportion of the problem, which is worthy of manufacturers and customers pay attention to the problem.

types of Basalt Artificial Stone Crusher

There are many types of basalt artificial stone crusher can be processed, and in accordance with the different production capacity, production conditions, material hardness for you to configure different production line flow. In basalt crushing machine jaw crusher is one of the more common equipment, jaw crusher the maximum particle size is by crushing machine meshing live (grip) ore determined. Generally speaking, jaw crusher maximum feed size is the crusher feed mouth width of 75 - 85%, usually, complex swing type jaw crusher desirable in 85% of the feeding port width, simple swing type jaw broken confidential get smaller, it is desirable in the feeding port width of 75%.

Main configuration equipment of basalt production line

  1. vibration feeder
  2. jaw crusher
  3. impact crusher
  4. cone crusher
  5. vibrating screen

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