Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill

Vertical roller mill production of high-performance become the main attapulgite powder market, its performance and value has been widely recognized. With the attention to the ecological environment and the development of low-carbon economy era, we can foresee the high performance of the third phase of the product application market will soon come.

Attapulgite Powder Vertical Mill

Attapulgite powder vertical mill in the processing of various materials in crushing, drying, grinding, powder as a whole, high grinding efficiency, high drying capacity and the fineness can be in 325 mesh --3250 mesh free grinding, attapulgite powder vertical grinding equipment professional quality!

The attapulgite powder vertical mill set crushing, drying, grinding, powder, conveying into a whole, has an area of small, simple process, high grinding efficiency, low energy consumption, low noise, high drying capacity, easy to adjust the product fineness, no dust pollution, convenient maintenance, reliable operation and obvious advantages, the main technical and economic index has reached the international advanced level, is very suitable for the application of the cement plant, attapulgite powder mill and other large grinding process requirements.

The vertical roller mill produced by our company has the advantages of high efficiency, low noise, little metal abrasion, little dust, simple and scientific process flow, small occupation area, and investment and so on. Widely used in electric power, chemical industry, non-metallic mineral resources, especially the cement industry is new equipment to replace the ball mill. Is listed as the focus of the country to promote the application of efficient, energy-efficient new products, can meet the different needs of users.

When the vertical mill motor through the speed reducer drives the grinding disc to rotate, while the hot air from the inlet into the grinding, material from the feed opening fall in the center of the disc, due to the action of centrifugal force, material moving toward the edge of the grinding disc, through the annular groove of the disc by grinding roller compacted crushed, continue to move to the edge of the grinding disc, until it is wind ring flow with, large particles directly back to the re grinding disc. Henan vertical mill flow of material through the separator, in the role of guide vanes and rotor and coarse material from the cone bucket onto the disc, fine powder with the airflow mill, in the system of the dust collector collection, to obtain the product. Material in contact with the gas in the process of being dried, to achieve the required product water, through the adjustment of the angle of the guide vane and the rotor speed, can be different fineness of the product.

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