Fully Mobile Limestone Crusher

Fully Mobile Limestone Crusher

Fully mobile limestone crusher is my company to meet market demand, independent research and development of the whole hydraulic driven tracked vehicle with the site of the mobile crushing and screening equipment. With high performance, high reliability, beautiful appearance, reaching the level of international similar products.

High performance fully mobile limestone crusher, full hydraulic drive tracked vehicle sites, and crushing machine integration of high performance of feeder, vibrating screen, belt machine, sieve belt machine, crushing machine integration of installed in a vehicle, vehicle mounted motor and control box integration. Widely used in construction, urban construction, metallurgy, energy and other departments, such as crushing, screening and other operations.

Fully mobile limestone crusher unique advantages

  1. Cummins diesel engine with excellent performance, low fuel consumption, low noise, reliable performance provides reliable, economical and environmentally friendly power source. The engine can be equipped with a low temperature preheating starting device, so that the equipment can be easily activated in the low temperature environment of -25C.
  2. the chassis of the full rigid hull structure, high strength, grounding resistance, through good, to the mountains, wetlands have a good adaptability.
  3. the technology of the large torque of the mature walking motor, driving force, high reliability. The walking system uses the full power variable open hydraulic system, good performance, high reliability, can make full use of the engine power, the main hydraulic parts (pump, valve, etc.) selection of Japanese imports.
  4. control system selection of imported servo pilot operating system, control and light, accurate control, can achieve no pole walking speed.
  5. crushing and screening equipment selection of the company's production of mature products, compact structure, stable performance. Screening equipment with 20 degree angle, high efficiency and reliable screening.

Fully mobile limestone crusher working principle

A, the function of the broken mode: Under the crushing mode, the machine is allowed only material feeder, crusher, belt machine and separators (optional) action, action will be limited.

B, Under the model, material processing sequentially through the feeder, into the crusher, material after crushing machine, followed by belt conveyor to go out. The whole process of each part including feeder, main belt machine speed can be adjusted flexibly until the action of the system stable and harmonious, thus ensuring the sustained input of materials in the process of the whole system, crushing, output operating smoothly.

C, and continuous operation, the system will automatically adjust the transmission rate of each working mechanism, and realize the transmission power matching with the material quantity, so as to achieve the maximum of the whole machine power. For the sake of the customer, the maximum savings of fuel consumption

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