Zeolite Powder Vertical Mill

Zeolite Powder Vertical Mill

Zeolite powder vertical mill is a semi closed system, about it a lot, but on its main components rarely, here, let world state machine for you about the milling machine parts.

Not an independent system of vertical roller mill, in production, he needs to multiple machines with the use, including crusher machine, belt conveyor, bucket elevator, hopper regulation, closed type quantitative feeder, vertical roller mill, hot blast furnace, pipeline, bag dust collector, fighting provided, finished warehouse, muffler and fan etc., these devices should according to the actual need to assemble, finish milling.

In understanding the role of zeolite powder vertical mill each component and characteristics, it should be clear that the specific work flow, work flow is a very important knowledge points. Only on the basis of clear process, can it be better understood.

zeolite powder vertical mill operation

Zeolite through crushing, after belt machine is transmitted to the bucket hoist, after bucket hoist ascend to adjust bin; gravel in the bin must through the closed type quantitative feeder into the vertical mill in, then after grinding material in hot blast stove of the wind and the exhaust blower, come out from inside the machine, through pipelines arrived in bag type dust collector; bag dust collector to collect the powder after the elevator stored in the finished material library, finally by the user to collect.

Understanding of the machine's process, working principles and actions of each component is very easy. Here, we work together to look at the main components of the working principle and in the milling process of the role.

Enclosed is the production system in the vertical roller mill feeder can never replace equipment. In the zeolite powder vertical mill around the connection, there is no loophole, which is because the wind can not spill over, otherwise, it is likely to occur in the wind turbine system in the wind, it is from the wind, it is intended to dry material, which is the internal circulation of the wind, but can not be outside of the wind, otherwise it is the material will plug the system, serious when the explosion.

System of bag type dust collector is a device in vertical mill production system, in addition to the powder, the powder collector does not recommend the use of, it is mainly related to the nature of the material. Device and document all are based on the specific needs of the production process in vertical roller mill and installation, users in accordance with the use to specific operation according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

zeolite powder vertical mill working principle

The zeolite powder vertical mill system is made up of the equipment, the main function of the equipment and the process flow of the system are as follows. Bucket type lifting machine, first of all, the crushed material hoist to adjust the silo, the material from regulating bin out. After the iron remover to remove material containing iron, sometimes in addition to iron is not necessary.

After in addition to the material of iron and then through a closed type quantitative feeder, its function is quantitative, evenly the material delivered to the mill. Material on the vertical roller mill after full grinding and with the hot blast furnace blowing into the legislation mill wind together through the pipeline to the dust collector in, the function of the hot blast stove is drying, prevent the machine from being wet material blockage, and pipeline is prevent refined grinding dispersed to air in air pollution, dust collector is collected materials and to prevent the dust into the air caused by pollution and finished product material waste.

In the dust removal device is installed on the bucket, the bucket is equipped with the end of the product database, the function is to raise the dust in the dust collector to the finished product library, can make the dust collector can continue to work, use, and the role of the finished product is the collection of finished goods. Blower is installed at the back of the precipitator, fan ventilation and pull out from the blast furnace into the wind. At the same time, with powder together with the wind flow wind eventually came to the dust collector is then finished product library collection. Fan behind sometimes mounting a muffler, the muffler role is to prevent noise pollution, which is a manifestation of the environmental protection.

Above is the zeolite powder vertical mill working principle, in the vertical roller mill system in iron remover in unnecessary is can not, when the user does not noise requirements, silencer can also according to the needs of users, but it is recommended users not to abandon.

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