MTM Trapezium Mill

MTM Trapezium Mill

MTM Trapezium Mill after company experts years of painstaking research and innovative development. According to mill the user's use and suggestions, in high pressure suspension roller mill based on the improvement of design and, for the vast number of users at home and abroad to provide a new, efficient, energy-saving high fine milling equipment.

MTM Trapezium Mill with trapezoidal face, flexible connection, grinding roller linkage booster several mill national patent technology, completely overcome the traditional industrial milling machine in the use of the range, output and fineness, energy consumption, use the defects of life, Raymond mill, high pressure suspension roller mill, ball milling and other traditional mill alternative products.

MTM Trapezium Mill widely application

Applicable to products of material in building materials, chemical industry, metallurgy, mining, power generation, coal and other industries of the grinding process. Applicable to grind Mohs hardness below 9.3 and humidity below 6% of all non inflammable and explosive mineral materials, such as cement raw material and clinker), coal, talc, feldspar, quartz, iron ore, mica, calcite, limestone, barite, potassium sulfate, bentonite, over a thousand kinds of material.

MTM Trapezium Mill unique advantages

  1. High economic efficiency

    Solid structure, small area, complete sets of strong. From the block to the end of the product powder is independent from the production system, a one-time investment less. Low energy consumption, under ideal conditions, the unit through the energy consumption and new to the energy consumption per unit of material were 1.02kWh/t 1.48kWh/t with the same level of ball milling required power consumption compared, low 60% above.

  2. Better stability

    Host, select powder machine, fan with soft connection, reduce the vibration and noise, in order to avoid resonance damage to the equipment at the same time, but also to avoid the impact on the quality of the finished product. The tilted duct, to ensure access to the air inlet volute wind smoothly along the slope into the host grinding chamber.

  3. More convenient operation

    By means of convenient and quick adjustment device, the gap between the end and the shell of the machine can be adjusted conveniently and quickly. Equipment operation is simple, one can easily operate.

  4. Greater pressure

    MTM Trapezium Mill draw Raymond mill and suspended roller mill has the advantages. The grinding roller assembly is placed through a pull rod and a horizontal spring connected together, the radial force avoid bulk material of the spindle and the bearing of the loss, also in the common effect of high pressure spring and centrifugal force, and the material is filled into extrusion, and increase yield.

  5. High level of environmental protection

    The main engine and the selection of the machine with a soft link, the shock absorber spring and the sealing belt that reduce the vibration and noise, but also to avoid the resonance. Efficient dust removal equipment, strict processing technology, to ensure that the dust pollution to a minimum, to achieve national standards.

  6. More efficient energy saving

    The efficiency is greatly improved by using high efficiency blade wheel energy saving air blower. Traditional milling machine equipped with the prismatic blade fan efficiency is only 62%, and the impeller and blade are stamping energy-saving cited fan efficiency is more than 85%.

MTM Trapezium Mill working principle

Bulk materials by jaw type crusher, crushing to the desired size, by the elevator to send the materials to hopper, electromagnetic vibration feeder material uniformly and quantitatively by continuously into host grinding chamber of the grinding.

Grinding material is fan airflow into the powder selecting machine classification, in the powder selecting machine impeller, does not meet the requirements of the fineness of the materials fall into the grinding chamber of the re grinding, conforms to the requirements of the fineness of the material is with the gas flowing through the pipes into the cyclone powder, were isolated and collected, the discharging device discharge is refined powder. After separation by cyclone powder collector top return air duct into the fan. The system belongs to the closed circuit circulation system, and runs under the condition of positive and negative pressure.

Because of the grinding material contains a certain amount of water, the heat generated by the grinding chamber will cause the gas evaporation and expansion of the system to change the system's gas flow, coupled with the sealing problem of the combination of the material, the external air into the system to balance the gas loss.

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