VSI Sand Making Machine

VSI Sand Making Machine

VSI sand making machine is experts in Germany with the working condition of the latest design results, it is currently the exclusive production with the world's advanced level of high-performance crushing equipment. It is a unique design of the structure of the rotor, wear resistant material, crushing speed optimization and the perfect combination of hydraulic design,which is a fine example of combining professional technology and machinery manufacturing.

In the artificial sand industry, production ideal of machine-made sand and concrete aggregate; in stone plastic field. To obtain high quality and grain shape of stone products; VSI sand making machine is a selection of the most effective. This sand maker is designed for the highway, high-speed railway, high-rise building, municipal, water and electricity dam construction, concrete mixing station to provide quality sand and gravel aggregate, is the artificial sand and stone plastic field of choice for equipment.

VSI sand making machine application

VSI sand making machine is widely used in river gravel, rocks (limestone, granite, basalt, diabase, andesite, etc.), ore tailings, stone chips of artificial sand, in the field of engineering of water conservancy and hydroelectric power, high grade highway, highway and railway, passenger dedicated line, bridge, airport runway, Municipal Engineering, high-rise buildings mechanism of sand production and stone plastic, construction aggregate, highway road fabric, cushion material, asphalt concrete and cement concrete aggregate production, glass, quartz sand and other high purity materials production. At the same time, in the mining areas of grinding PPK finely process, building materials, metallurgy, chemical, mining, refractories, cement, abrasive and other industries material crushing also showed great superiority.

VSI Sand Making Machine unique design

sand making machine unique design

VSI sand making machine which solves the problem of one machine with multiple, fall feed system and lining board transform of patent annular waterfall, "stone dozen stone" and "stone timbewolves" cleverly switches can be achieved; use advanced hydraulic cover opening device for crushing cavity wearing parts replacement convenient, easy to use; independent research and development of dual pump thin oil lubrication system guarantees the healthy functioning of the main bearing system; high-tech automatic monitor in the machine appear adverse to automatic shutdown or warning.

Because of the unique design concept, the VSI sand making machine can greatly improve the production efficiency and the quality of final products, significantly reducing the consumption of production cost and wearing parts and distal to it is lower than the import equipment prices meet the domestic market demand.

sand making machine structure

The working principle of sand making machine is very simple, but it is reasonable, it can complete the sand making task completely. In the work, the material into the hopper, the center into the hole into the high speed rotating rotor, is fully accelerated and after the launch of the launch, with a rebound after the free fall of material for impact, and then impact to the vortex inside the vortex cavity lining, the first rebound to the top of the crushing chamber, the rear side of the movement, and from the impeller flow out of material impact, forming a continuous material screen, through the lower row of discharge.

sand making machine

In the structure, it has a lot of main parts, the following to introduce.

  1. Distributor. Install it in the upper part of the vortex dynamic crushing cavity. It is from the material to the hopper out of the shunt, a portion of the material through the center into feed tube directly into the impeller, is gradually accelerated to a high velocity projectile out, make another part of the material from the center into the outside of the pipe material.
  2. Impeller. It is made of special material, usually installed in the spindle assembly is arranged at the upper end of the shaft head, with tapered sets and key link transfer button from the, high-speed rotating, the impeller is the key element. Material from the upper part of the impeller sub feeder center into feed tube and into the impeller center, and then by the distribution cone will materials uniform distribution to the impeller launch flow.
  3. Base. The main shaft, motor, transmission device are installed on the base, the base can be mounted on the bracket and can be mounted directly on the base.
  4. Lubrication system. Sand making machine general use of the car with a special focus on lubricating grease, which is an important part of the process, in the process of installation and use should pay particular attention.
  5. Transmission device. This device is an important part of the sand making machine, which is a part of the transmission power. Double motor drive two motors are respectively installed on the main shaft of the two sides, the two motor belt pulley is connected with the main shaft belt, so that both sides of the main force balance.

VSI sand making machine unique advantages

  1. Installation is simple, easy to operate

    easy to operate, maintenance is simple,once the specific use, VSI sand making machine only need to make minor adjustments, it can maximize its outstanding performance.

  2. The processing capacity is large, and the wearing parts are low

    Output of high - 50-500t/h, compared with the same power under the traditional equipment, production increased by 30% and stable. The optimum crushing cavity material impact angle design, and the wear resistance is less, than the traditional equipment running cost is lower 30%, directly reduces the cost of the equipment.

  3. Hydraulic device, automatic detection

    Hydraulic open cover device, so that the repair and removal of the broken cavity parts convenient and quick, shorten the downtime. Set up the vibration display and alarm device, if the device has a bad run, can be issued a warning, so that the device to stop working, to achieve the purpose of protecting the machine.

  4. More than one machine, flexible application

    Unique feed crushing structure, and has a variety of crushing cavity, can be very convenient to achieve "stone dozen stone" and "stone timbewolves" conversion, so as to solve the problem of one machine with multiple. If to change the application of VSI crusher, no need to make a big adjustment, can adapt to the user the different demand: artificial system sand and gravel shaping and abrasive materials.

  5. Advanced technology, pay attention to environmental protection

    The latest German technology, technology, advanced riveting technology and automotive technology and the appearance of blasting and spray application process, greatly improves the equipment inherent quality and appearance quality. The sand making equipment has no noise and no pollution. Unique air circulation system, greatly reducing the exhaust air, reduce dust, conducive to environmental protection.

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