PY Cone Crusher

PY Cone Crusher

PY cone crusher is the first developed by a large power, large crushing ratio, high productivity of hydraulic crusher. Spring cone crusher is the first kind of cone crusher, the machine is in the digestion and absorption of various countries in the international advanced level of 80 years on the basis of various types of cone crusher.

The structure of it is obviously different from the traditional cone crusher, and has focused on the main advantages of the different types of cone crusher. The spring safety system is overload protection device, the metal foreign body through the crushing chamber without damage to the machine, the two sealing form, the powder and lubricating oil isolation, ensure reliable dry oil or water. Ore crushing chamber is determined by the type of use, standard type suitable for medium crushing; suitable for medium crushing; short head type is suitable for fine crushing.

PY Cone Crusher widely application

PY Cone Crusher is suitable for fine crushing and fine crushing of hard rock, ore, slag, refractory materials, etc.. Taper broken stone can be widely used in metallurgical industry, construction industry, construction industry, chemical industry and phosphate industry for crushing hard and hard ores and rocks, such as iron ore, copper ore, limestone, quartz, granite, basalt, diabase

PY Cone Crusher unique advantages

  1. Special sealing operation and reliable

    PY cone crusher adopts dry oil or water two kinds of sealing methods, so that the dust impurities can not enter the body, thus ensuring the lubrication oil clean, extended the sliding bearing, thrust ball bearing life, so that the machine running reliable.

  2. Production efficiency of high product size

    In the continuous rotation of the moving cone, the crushing and unloading of the material is carried out continuously, and the productivity is high, and the parallel zone between the moving cone and the fixed cone is arranged to ensure the uniform size of the finished product.

  3. Low energy consumption

    Because the material is sandwiched between two cones, it is easy to break down, and the power consumption is lower, the product size is uniform, the wear of the working surface of the moving cone is uniform and the loss is lower.

  4. Overload protection

    Spring insurance system is overload protection device, can make the metal foreign body through the broken cavity without harm to the machine; at the same time, the machine is convenient to disassemble, easy to maintain, greatly reduce the downtime.

PY cone crusher working principle

PY spring cone crusher, mainly by the rack, set the cone assembly, the assembly of the dynamic cone, spring mechanism, bowl shaped shaft frame and transmission and other parts. The auxiliary part is composed of the electrical system, the thin oil lubrication system, and the hydraulic cavity system.

Spring cone crusher working part of the machine is two truncated cone, a is fixed cone (also known as the outer cone), another is the moving cone (also known as the inner cone). In the section where the cone is close to the fixed cone, the material is subjected to the extrusion, impact and bending of the material, which is the broken cavity. The material is discharged from the bottom of the cone at the weight of the material. Spring cone crusher, motor through hydraulic coupling, a small bevel gear drive eccentric sleeve at the bottom of the big bevel gear, the rotation of the eccentric sleeve, resulting in pyramidal swing and broken material.

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