Portable Copper Ore Crusher

Portable Copper Ore Crusher

The portable copper ore crusher is a new concept principle, which is based on the material "approach", and the development of a series of rock and construction waste crushing equipment. To be able to carry on the first line of the material to be broken, the material is removed from the site and then broken, the intermediate link, which greatly reduces the transportation cost of the material.

For construction waste accumulation is not too concentrated, or be divided into several areas of the situation, for reducing the purchase of equipment, saving equipment, comprehensive cost considerations, the most suitable for the use of poratble crusher equipment, that is, our company developed a new type of portable copper ore crusher.

Portable copper ore crusher is based on the main process of sand and gravel processing, through the reasonable design, to achieve a variety of crushing, screening equipment integration, through the vehicle system or crawler drive system, to achieve the overall mobile operation function, can be flexible to select the plant, the material for timely processing, greatly reduce the transportation and processing costs, improve production efficiency. From the customer situation, the portable crusher portfolio more in line with customer wishes, the company developed a variety of portable crusher portfolio model, can meet the needs of different customers.

K series portable copper ore crusher

We seek to provide customers with a more comprehensive, systematic and integrated solutions, the company's R & D team invested a lot of money, a new R & D to meet the diverse needs of customers, high quality, high output K series portable copper ore crusher. The K series portable crusher contains 7 large modules and 72 models, which can be used in all the fields of ore, construction and recycling.

portable crusher machine

Compared with the fixed line and conventional portable crusher station with the same power:

  1. the performance and stability of the K series are more reliable, and the function is more powerful and the whole processing capacity of the whole machine is improved;
  2. it is more comprehensive and more comprehensive, and the processing of the material is maximized;
  3. provide maintenance of the lifting frame, lifting hook and operation platform, Maintenance Kit, centralized lubrication maintenance, etc., to ensure the professional production of steel structure brand image.

portable copper ore crusher Working principle

Portable copper ore crusher main crushing equipment to the crusher (can use the portable jaw crusher, portable impact crusher, portable cone crusher), material by feeder evenly sent to a crusher, crusher preliminary broken after by circular vibration sieve forming a closed loop system, realize the crushing the circulation of the material, in line with the size requirements of the material by the output conveyor, so as to achieve the purposes in the production. Mobile crushing station can also be based on the actual production need to remove the circular vibrating screen, and directly to the material to be initially broken, and then with other crushing equipment for the specific operation, convenient, flexible.

Portable copper ore crusher unique design

Portable copper ore crusher is a rock and construction waste breaking equipment, which is developed by our company. It has greatly expanded the concept of the crushing operation. Its design idea is to eliminate the obstacles of breaking the ground, environment, complex infrastructure and complicated logistics to bring customers' breaking work, and provide hardware facilities with high efficiency and low cost.

  1. Flexible combination diversification

    In the vehicle traction, the structure is compact, the stability is strong, so that the crushing station can meet the requirements of the mobile station in the work site and the road.

  2. Operation of direct and effective reduction of material transportation costs

    Each model combination operation, can carry on the spot to the material to be broken, the crushing and screening material finished product can satisfy the customer request directly, also eliminates the material transportation work site again the broken intermediate link, the great reduces the material transportation cost.

  3. Adaptable on-demand customization

    The mobile crushing station can be equipped with an independent power generating set, even if the local power grid can not be used, the machine can still be normal operation; at the same time, our company can be customized according to the customer's site, material, grain type and so on.

  4. Performance reliable maintenance

    Portable copper ore crusher by our excellent performance of crusher, feeder and vibrating screen, the quality is stable and reliable; based on our years of mobile crushing station manufacturing experience, the crushing station is a mature technology, simple operation and convenient maintenance.

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