PE Jaw Crusher

jaw crusher

My company independent research and development and design, production of large PE jaw crusher in the domestic leading position, with a large crushing ratio, high output, product size uniform, simple structure, reliable, easy maintenance, low operating costs, etc..

PE jaw crusher is mainly used for crushing and crushing of the crushing, medium crushing, with no more than 320 MPa, and has the characteristics of large crushing ratio, high output, uniform product size, simple structure, reliable operation, convenient maintenance, low operation cost, etc.. Often used as a primary crusher and is used in a variety of stone production line, ore crushing production line. PE Jaw Crusher is commonly called the jaw crusher, through animal models of two jaw movement through the movable jaw and the fixed jaw two jaw plate moving between one the materials in the crushing cavity squeeze, rub, grind broken.

PE jaw crusher structure

The structure of the PE jaw crusher is mainly composed of a frame, an eccentric shaft, a large belt wheel, a flywheel, a movable jaw, a side guard plate, an elbow plate, an adjustable gap screw, a reset spring, a fixed jaw plate and a movable jaw plate. This series crusher fixed jaw plate, the movable jaw plate, two side guard plate material with high manganese wear resistant steel material, good wear resistance, the optimization of trajectory design, reduce material grinding and tooth board excessive wear and long service life. Crushing strength of a variety of materials no more than 320 mpa. Maximum feed size can reach 1200 mm.

advantages of jaw crusher

  1. Advanced technology, long service life

    PE jaw crusher adopts the world class manufacturing technology, the use of advanced digital components processing equipment, to ensure the precision of the machine parts; the selection of the most high-end production material, greatly enhanced its compressive, wear resistance, greatly extending the service life of the machine.

  2. Good stability, high reliability

    PE jaw crusher of the moving jaw of the high quality of the cast steel parts, heavy eccentric shaft is also used to process, all of this makes the jaw crusher with extraordinary stability. Compared with the other same size crusher, we use the more durable, eccentric shaft bearing, so that it has a higher bearing capacity, to ensure its reliability.

  3. Simple structure, easy operation, convenient maintenance

    After continuous improvement and optimization of the jaw crusher, the performance of the machine is improved, and the structure of the machine is simplified. The whole machine is more easy to operate, maintenance more convenient, the maintenance time is greatly reduced.

  4. Great capacity, good grain type

    The PE jaw crusher adopts advanced crushing principle, so that the proportion of the products in the cube is significantly improved, and the needle like stones can reduce the grain size.

  5. Low noise, less dust

    The equipment with reference to the national environmental standards, low noise, can be used to dust, the construction environment is completely in line with the requirements of environmental protection.

Jaw Crusher Efficiency Factors

PE jaw crusher is a motor driving force, through the motor belt pulley, by the triangle and the groove wheel drive eccentric shaft, so that the moving jaw according to the predetermined trajectory for reciprocating movement, so as to enter the broken cavity by the fixed jaw plate, the movable jaw plate and the side panels to be broken, and through the lower row of the material discharge. This series of jaw crusher crushing method is a curved movable type, motor drive belt and belt wheel, through the eccentric shaft to make the moving jaw movement, when the movable jaw rises, the angle between the elbow plate and the movable jaw is close, and the material is squeezed, rubbing, grinding, etc., when the moving jaw down, the movable jaw plate in the rod and spring, this time has been broken.

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