Blue Metal Quarry Crusher

Blue Metal Quarry Crusher

With the development and progress of the society, in the blue metal mining industry, not only requires a high production of blue metal quarry crusher, but also requires high energy utilization, product size, maintenance and adjustment, service timely. Our blue metal quarry crusher is widely used in blue metal and nonmetal ore, cement, sand, metallurgy and other industries for crushing operation, such as iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartz rock, sand, gravel and so on all kinds of ore and rock.

We summarize the blue metal quarry crusher is twenty years engaged in basic design, production, sales, crushing industry service experience, combined with the development of modern industrial technology, widely absorbs America, Germany and other advanced crusher technology, and independent research and development and design of new efficient crusher, hydraulic, electrical, mechanical, automation, intelligent control technology in one, representing the world's most advanced crusher technology, which has more advantages than the traditional number of quarry crusher machine, new structure, optimization of the laminated crushing cavity so that the crushing efficiency is high, the product particle type excellent new intelligent automatic control system, make the process more convenient maintenance and adjustment broken accurate, can be widely used in crushing, fine and super fine crushing operation etc..

Different Types of blue metal quarry crusher

Blue metal quarry crusher mainly for all kinds of stone crushing work, according to the different principle and different particle size, and divided into many types, PE jaw crusher, PEW jaw crusher, PFW impact crusher, sand making machine, HPT hydraulic cone crusher, HST hydraulic cone crusher, CS cone crusher, PY spring cone crusher and other dozens of specifications, which are widely used in mining, metallurgy, building materials, highway, water conservancy and chemical and other departments.

blue metal quarry crusher structure

The main part of the blue metal quarry crusher is mainly composed of the frame, the rotation of the eccentric shaft, the working part of the crushing chamber, the safety device, the adjustment device of the discharging port.

blue metal quarry crusher
  1. The frame consists of parts: plate, box, box welding parts and components.
  2. Eccentric shaft rotation part: mainly by the moving jaw, eccentric shaft, bearing, bearing block, belt wheel and so on, is the main part of the transmission power.
  3. The working part of the crushing chamber is composed of a fixed jaw plate, a movable jaw plate, a side panel, and a protecting plate.
  4. Insurance device: by the elbow, elbow board, spring, spring rod and other components, is the gravel machinery in the case of non normal conditions of the insurance role of parts.
  5. The device used to adjust the size of the discharging port and control the size of the material. Mainly by the adjustment of the fixed block, adjust the sliding block, the top screw, sliding block locking rod and other components.

The crushing method of the blue metal quarry crusher is the curve of the bending type. The work principle of the quarry crusher machine is: the electric motor drives the belt and the belt wheel, through the eccentric shaft to make the movable jaw and the upper and lower, the material is crushed or broken when moving jaw plate movement. When the movable jaw and the movable jaw plate are back under the eccentric shaft and the spring, the material that has been crushed or broken has been discharged from the lower part of the jaw plate. With the motor continuous rotation and broken motor cycle of the motor cycle to the crushing and excretion of material, to achieve mass production.

blue metal quarry crusher unique advantages

  1. The use of world-class manufacturing process, the selection of the most high-end production materials, such as the use of high - quality steel castings, heavy eccentric shaft, the use of forging billet processing, so that the device has an extraordinary reliability, durability.
  2. Using the finite element analysis technology, the whole cast steel bearing block is fully matched with the frame, which greatly increases the radial strength of the bearing pedestal, and makes the equipment have higher strength.
  3. The blue metal quarry crusher integrates the function of the adjustment of the row material and the overload protection function, simplifies the structure and increases the reliability.
  4. Each type of crusher has a different type, which can meet the different requirements and the requirements of the material, and the crushing machine adopts the principle of laminated crushing, and improves the product particle type.
  5. Automatic control system provides manual control, constant discharge control, constant power control, and other operating modes can be selected.
  6. Automatic monitoring system, which can understand the operation of the equipment in real time, is conducive to the best performance of the equipment; all maintenance is carried out from the upper part, the operation is simple, and the maintenance is convenient.
  7. Strengthen the frame structure and special bearing material, bearing capacity, high reliability, and extend the service life of the equipment.
  8. Integrated design of hydraulic station and lubricating station, saving equipment installation space. Optimize the layout of the components and tank volume, operation and maintenance is simple, lower operating costs.

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